Transform eBooks into Digital Collectibles

Publish and manage collectible, dynamic, magical books designed to draw readers into your world.

Powered by the Pendium on-chain publishing protocol.

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Transform readers into owners,
and owners into participants

Writers use Pendium to turn books into magical, digital collectibles that live forever

Activate a community

Turn storytelling into a multiplayer experience.

Invite your readers and collectors into your own token-gated community.
Build a home base that draws people into your world and makes them feel like they belong.
Empower your community to publish rich, interconnected stories & multimedia that bring your world to life.

Built for modern writers

We believe that our digital objects should be treasured and treated with as much care as the books in our family library.

Upload an epub, azw, pdf or markdown and magically bring your book to life as an on-chain NFT.
With an on-chain book, you have true creative ownership.
Dynamically update your book with serialized stories, fresh content and interactive multimedia.
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Unlock the power of networked creativity

For writers interested in activating communities, Pendium is building tools and technology
for on-chain publishing and collaborative worldbuilding.

1. Publish to an On-Chain Library

Publish stories and narrative media directly to the blockchain. Start with markdown, epub, azw or pdf files.
2. Launch Your Book NFT Anywhere
Pendium books come with a universally-compatible e-reader and can be launched and sold through any  marketplace/platform that supports Ethereum NFTs.
3. Unlock Networked Creativity
Discover unexpected ideas from your readers, and empower your community to participate in collaborative world-building.

Postcards from the Future

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away....we sat by the campfire and told stories to make sense of the world. Here we are again, around a global, modern campfire, telling each other stories, manifesting new worlds.

"I believe that joy manifests from teamwork, learning and self-discovery. Through collaborative world-building, we find ourselves working together towards a shared north star, with moments of epiphany & delight as we find good within ourselves & others."
Co-founder, Pendium
"This is something which is going to change the entire world."
Anonymous Contributor

Learn more about what we have planned

Is this only for professional writers?

Pendium is built for anyone with a story to tell.

Is this free to implement?

Yes, the base Pendium system is free to use. The plan is to align our incentives with the communities that use Pendium, so it's likely that we'll implement a royalty model or something in that spirit.

What blockchain is this built on?

Today, Pendium is built on Ethereum L1. Over time, we plan to explore expansions to Flow, Arweave and L2s.

Where can I sell my book NFT?

Through Pendium, writers can publish book NFTs that can be sold anywhere.