Build a World, Together

Pendium is an on-chain Networked Library, designed for collaborative media communities.

Establish canon and invite collectors to participate with lore, stories and multimedia.

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Create a Networked Library
of Interconnected Stories

Communities use Pendium to manifest narrative worlds,
rich with interconnected stories, characters, lore and multimedia.

Activate a community

Turn storytelling into a multiplayer experience.

Invite your community and collectors to a token-gated world of stories.
Build a home base that draws people in and makes them feel like they belong.
Empower your community to publish rich, interconnected stories & multimedia that bring your world to life.

Built for NFT communities

The Pendium Networked Library is built to bring NFTs to life with rich storytelling from the community.

Establish on-chain canon
Create lore about traits and characters
Invite the community to create their own lore and multimedia that brings the world to life.
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Unlock the power of networked creativity

For NFT projects interested in empowering communities to participate in storytelling,
Pendium is building tools and technology for on-chain publishing and collaborative world-building.

Learn more about what we have planned

Is this only for NFT communities?

Pendium is built for anyone with a story to tell.

Is this free to implement?

Yes, the base Pendium system is free to use. The plan is to align our incentives with the communities that use Pendium, so it's likely that we'll implement a royalty model or something in that spirit.

What blockchain is this built on?

Today, Pendium is built on Ethereum L1. Over time, we plan to explore expansions to Flow, Arweave and L2s.

Can I transform our stories into NFTs?

Through Pendium, communities can create dynamic NFTs that contain the emergent stories of their worlds.